Corporate Travel Awards 2019 Edition

CORPORATE TRAVEL AWARDS 2019 | ASIA 112 Fivelements, Bali, is one of the world’s most admired destinations, an authentic healing and wellness retreat located in the tranquil, highland surroundings of Bali’s Ayung River. The eco-conscious destination centres on guests experiencing the time-honoured traditions and mystical culture of Bali, ceremoniously set in an uncompromised natural sanctuary where deeply rooted principles of Balinese healing, plant-based cuisine and sacred arts are followed. Fivelements, founded in 2007 and led by Chicco and Lahra Tatriele, takes on an integrative approach to organic healing and absolute wellness that ensures one’s physical, emotional and spiritual elements are given equal attention. A stay at Fivelements is unlike any resort destination. Guests are greeted in a sanctum of lush, tropical nature, inspired by Balinese ceremonies, wellness treatments, mind-body practices and the ultimate in nutrition through plant-based “live” cuisine. Dedicated to creating a milieu for life transformation and what its founders call “love in action,” a vision of learning to love and respect life, the retreat and its founders encourage guests to nurture harmony through spiritual practices, the environment, and one another, a balanced way of living directly influenced by the Balinese people and their inimitable culture. Fivelements is inspired from the Balinese concept “Panca Mahabhuta,” representing the vedic five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth, each with its own character and celestial element and together their internal and external forces, attune to one’s authenticity, honouring their highest potential. HEALING, WELLNESS & SACRED ARTS Following the Balinese philosophy of wellness and balance through harmony of spirit, our environment and one another, Fivelements embraces the holistic therapies from this distinct island culture, as well as its healers, following the wisdom and perceptiveness that has been passed along to them through generations. Perhaps no other culture has been as recognized for the intensive study of healing that involves close initiation from being chosen from a well-known healer or high priest. WELLNESS RETREAT OF THE YEAR Fivelements INDONESIA

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